Beware of Fake Products! InnoWhite and its logo are registered trademark of Essential Innovation Pte Ltd under filed trademark number 40201608496P in Singapore.  The products are to be distributed only by our authorized distributors and country agents.  We do NOT sell the InnoWhite products to consumers directly through any online platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon and others. The company will not be liable nor responsible for any claims or health risks effect when you purchase the non-genuine products from other sellers or through other channels.  All the products are shipped only via our HQ in Singapore with strict QC in place.

Strictly, no parts of the InnoWhite brand, logo, certifications, packaging box design, graphics, materials information, formulation, media kits, advertising and promotional material, instruction manuals, website and its contents, and other associated information are allowed to be copied, reproduced, modified in full or in part in any formats without the written consent from Essential Innovation Pte Ltd. Any infringements to the above mentioned will be subjected to legal prosecution under the laws of Singapore.