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InnoWhite is a revolutionary light-activated tooth whitening system that combines all of the universally accepted techniques of tooth whitening into a single, proven system. It is safe, fast and effective.

Widest Range of Products

The InnoWhite product range is specially formulated to remove intrinsic stains of the teeth with minimal or no sensitivity. Activated by OSRAM blue LED light under the optimum wavelength, this non-heat solution provides greater comfort to the patient during the treatment without affecting surrounding tissues, and yet produce excellent result.

Fast & Effective

In just 45 minutes, your teeth will become dramatically whiter. Make your first step towards enhancing confidence in your smile. Experience InnoWhite in-office dental whitening treatment for looking good and create a fantastic first impression!

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Dental Professional Reviews

Dr Jerry Lim
Dr Jerry LimB.D.S. (Singapore), FRACDS (Australia)
Orchard Scotts Dental

I have been using InnoWhite whitening systems for well over 5 years now. They carry both in office and take home whitening. The complete system of cool blue lights and the packaging of the in office whitening kits are easy to use and elegant. It allows you the flexibility of managing your cases based on individual patient's needs unlike some system where the light needs to be sync with code from the box to activate the lights. InnoWhite cool whitening light does not limit the number of times you can use the light. In some cases where patient experience sensitivity during 2nd cycle of whitening, I can bring the patient back another day and do some touch up whitening with the remaining gels and the light. Some other systems I tried would require me to consume another set of gels with light code.

Another aspect I liked is the service response from Essential Innovation. They are very prompt and their commitment to support us is excellent. They understand whitening gels, its storage needs as well as issues related to gel quality and freshness. It has been pleasant working with them. There were a couple of times when things did not go well, they managed rectify in a timely matter. Now we use InnoWhite Teeth Whitening systems for all the clinics and would be very happy to recommend any dentist to give it a try if you have not already done so. Cheers.

Dr Matthew Hong An Liang
Dr Matthew Hong An LiangB.D.S. (Sydney, Aus)
Dr Matthew Hong Dental Clinic

I get to know Innowhite professional teeth whitening products through their sponsorship on the glamorous Miss Universe Singapore project, in which the beauty Queens were showing million dollar smile on stage after smile transformation by OSD dentists. I was very impressed with such foresight and innovation.

I was later introduced to Dr Chung, the founder of InnoWhite who hold a PhD in Dentistry with specializing in dental material science. I was pleasantly amazed by his invention and be rest reassured that all INNOWHITE dental whitening products are his team’s invention. Contrary to all those other products over the counter and sold online, the whitening materials used and source are simply unknown. INNOWHITE brand’s ultimate goal is to provide a highly effective teeth whitening product and safe in the hands of a dentist . Innowhite product are safe to use as the product is only sold to dental clinics and can only be prescribed by dental professional.

The Innowhite CP home kits are very user friendly and effective, without the need of having the patient to sit for long hours on the dental chair as compared to the in-office whitening treatment. Patients can have whiter teeth in the span of about 7 days in the comfort of their home. The quality of the product is impressive. The results start to show in quite a short span of time. I highly recommend it to my patients, whom all of them gave me good feedback about the products and result.

Dr Sherlyn Chieng
Dr Sherlyn ChiengDDS (Malaysia)
MyBraces Orthodontics Specialist Dental Clinic

In my practice, we have been using the InnoWhite Professional In-Office whitening system for years now. We’ve tried many other whitening systems before and we are confident to say that InnoWhite whitening system provides great and lasting result. In terms of the procedure, it is pretty simple and straightforward. From gingival barrier application to whitening gel application, it only takes less than 10 minutes. With this, it saves up a lot of the clinician’s chairside time.

The InnoWhite LED light unit is fantastic. It does not produce excessive heat which may eventually result in teeth sensitivity during the whitening procedure. Most of our patients completed three complete cycles (45minutes) with only mild sensitivity. With the formulated desensitizing gel included in the InnoWhite Professional In-Office kit, it helps a lot in relieving the mild sensitivity that some of our patients experienced. The desensitizing gel are easily dispensable and the taste are widely accepted by our patients. It is amazing how it works by relieving the sensitivity almost instantly.

The InnoWhite whitening system has restored smiles of our patients. The results are very impressive to both the clinicians and to the patients themselves. On six monthly reviews, the teeth shades remain almost the same to little change from the time they completed the whitening procedure.

With this, we recommend the InnoWhite Professional In-Office whitening system to those who are seeking for a lasting whiter and brighter smile with little to no worry of teeth sensitivity.

Dr Razwan Ruslan
Dr Razwan RuslanD.D.S. (UKM)
Klinik Pergigian Raihan Dental
Innowhite is an effective and convenient-to-use professional dental whitening product that I have used since 2017. Over 150 of its in-office whitening kits have benefited my patients who generally are excited with their dental whitening results. Fast and pearly white smile results can be achieved in just only 45 minutes. The product is also well packaged, easy to be handled by dentists, and the occurrence of sensitivity post-whitening procedure is minimal, yet bearable. The desensitizer provided in the packaging helped our patients to deal with post sensitivity (if any). Furthermore, with its economical price, I would recommend this product to all my dental colleagues out there.
Dr Audrey Ng Sze Lin
Dr Audrey Ng Sze LinBDS (Malaya)
Our dentists in DentalFirst have been using the InnoWhite whitening system for all our patients. The InnoWhite team which services us are extremely professional and reliable. Particularly, the home whitening kits are very popular and gives good and satisfactory results for our patients. In addition, the in-office/chairside whitening system is user friendly and has minimal sensitivity during the procedure and patients feel comfortable throughout the entire process. There are also additional products such as the whitening toothpaste and whitening pen in which patients can use for touch-ups or maintenance. InnoWhite provides a complete and comprehensive range of whitening products for our patients.

Happy Results

Creating Vibrant Smiles for Healthy Lifestyles!
My dentist recommended me the InnoWhite dental whitening system. It was a 1 hour treatment.
Lilian Choo
Financial Consultant
I have yellowish teeth for many years due to coffee drinking. In addition, my teeth have obvious patchy effects due to fluorosis.
Wendy Lim
My teeth was naturally yellowish since young and because of that, I didn’t like to smile showing my teeth. I always wanted to whiten my teeth someday and I am glad to have tried InnoWhite’s professional teeth whitening system!
Adeline Chua
I was greatly impressed by the results of InnoWhite dental whitening system. My teeth turned sparkling white after the one hour treatment! I have tried home whitening before, however it was not effective and the end results were not noticeable.
Cecilia Ng
Sales Manager
I have done quite a number of dental whitening for the past many years in my line of profession, but I was most impressed by the result this time using the InnoWhite system. During the treatment, I also experienced less sensitivity as compared to other whitening procedure which I did previously.
Yee Fong
Full-time Model


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